The Ultimate Six Week Fitness Challenge | Full Rules

Be Fit Studio Ultimate Six Week Fitness Challenge Full Rules

Health Information

To participate in the Be Fit Studio Ultimate Six Week Fitness Challenge participants must:

  • Not have any prior medical history that precludes the individual from strenuous exercise, or have ever been recommended by a doctor to not participate in strenuous exercise.
  • Be medically cleared to participate in strenuous exercise and be able to pass a standard medical exam.
  • Be willing and able to complete strenuous exercises without the need for any medical device.
  • Understand that Be Fit Studio will not be heald liable for any individual who participates in the program after falsely affirming that they meet the above criteria.

Challenge Rules

All participants will adhere to the following challenge rules*:

  • Participants will choose five classes each week to participate in as part of the challenge.
  • Classes must consist of at least three fitness classes, with the option to substitute up to two fitness classes with yoga instruction.
  • Be Fit Studio team members will aid in class selection to create the most comprehensive and potentially effective program.
  • Participants may add one session each week, which will consist of a single, 30 minute session using the infrared sauna at Be Wellness Center our complimentary sister location.
  • Understand that Be Fit Studio will not be heald liable for any individual who participates in the program after falsely affirming that they meet the above criteria.
  • Participants will earn points for various activities taken during the challenge. Opportunities to earn points include.
    • Attending classes (1 point)
    • Additional sauna session (1 point)
    • Submitting food journal each week (1 point)
    • Bringing a friend to class (1 point)
    • Bodyfat percentage lost, measured at weeks 3 and 6 (1 point each)
    • Additional, session-based points determined by instructors (varies)

What Extra Value are We Offering?

Because just being a challenge isn't enough! You get:

  • A well laid-out, six week challenge designed to kickstart fat burning, boost fitness and get you feeling great!
  • Access to ALL of our amazing instructors and their classes. This breaks up the monotony of just doing the same cardio workout day in and day out for six weeks.
  • The ability to choose yoga classes! This is a FITNESS challenge, not just a weight loss challenge. We believe yoga is an important part of overall fitness, and we hope you will too!
  • Access to the Far Infrared Sauna at Be Wellness Center, owned by Be Fit Studio part owner, Melissa Thiel. Far Infrared Saunas are great for detoxification, wieght loss, and overall health!
  • A full nutritional guide. We'll tailor a nutrition plan for you to make sure you're getting the most out of your challenge!
  • Constant follow up and motivation. Trust me, we'll be bugging you during the challenge. We want you to succeed, we know you want to succeed, so we'll do our best to help you succeed!
  • Before and after measurements and pictures (just for you unless you want to share!). Sometimes getting our measurements taken isn't the most fun, but that information is super important in objectively determining how our program worked for you!
  • A free month of unlimited membership after the program when you sign up for our monthly unlimited class pack (must agree to a minimum of three months of unlimited membership).

Fine Print Stuff

Because we have to:

  • *Any and all members that do not adhere to challenge rules will be ineligible to receive the challenge grand prize of $600.
  • Participants must sign a participation waiver before beginning the challenge.
  • Refunds will be offered to any participant before the challenge begins. Be Fit Studio will do our utmost, and give all effort to help participants realize their fitness goals, but due to the nature of fitness and weight loss, and the multitude of variables that affect those processes, refunds, no refunds will be offered to participants after the challenge has begun.
  • Maximum 50 participants. To secure position in the challenge, participants will be asked to pay entry fee in advance. As stated above, this entry fee is refundable prior to initiation of the challenge.
  • Total cost for the Be Fit Studio Ultimate Six Week Fitness Challenge is $239. There are no other costs or fees associated with the program. If participants wish to take extra classes at Be Fit Studio, or use the Far Infrared Sauna at Be Wellness center in excess of the amounts designated by the challenge rules, each participant is independently liable for any costs associated with such usage.
  • $600 challenge grand prize will be awarded to the participant who acquires the most points using the scoring method outlined in the "Challenge Rules" section of this page. In the event of a tie in points, tiebreakers will commence as follows:
    • Bodyfat percantage lost
    • Classes attended
    • Food journals submitted (completed)
    • Points gained from various instructor challenges
  • All participants, upon completion of the challenge, will be eligible to receive one free month of unlimited classes with purchase of monthly unlimited package plan ($99 per month). Eligibility is not based on program points, but program must be completed to receive this offer.